Why should everyone get checked for Pilonidal disease? Explain the facts!

colorectal surgeon pilonidal cyst

I know there may be some people who will laugh at what I am about to discuss but those who have been through this phase know why this topic is significant. Yes, it is very important for everyone to get checked for Pilonidal Disease in our country. This is because, with each passing day, there has been an increase in the number of patients who are diagnosed with Pilonidal Cyst infection.

This infection turns out worse when you ignore it and do not consult a doctor who deals with lower gastric tract disease. He will be able to tell you the exact issue that has caused the infection and how to treat it.

Now, let’s discuss why everyone should consider getting checked for pilonidal disease, even if they are not experiencing symptoms at present.

The reason behind a regular check-up for Pilonidal Cyst

Here I have mentioned all the reasons that will help you understand why people are in dire need of a check-up for a Pilonidal cyst because it causes a lot of pain and discomfort, which is hard to bear.

1. Early Detection Saves Pain and Hassle

The pilonidal disease can be seen with mild symptoms that could somehow be neglected, for example, infrequent discomfort or a little bump near the tailbone. They, however, equally produce symptoms that worsen with time: pain, swelling, and infection which are the most possible complications. Early inhibition is an opportunity to treat a disease before it gets worse, thereby seeking to forgo the further treatment and discomfort that will eventually follow.

2. Prevention of Complications

Ignored pilonidal disease might result in the appearance of more complicated scenarios including the formation of abscesses, persistent infection, and even the development of tracts, or fistulas. The consequences can be very unpleasant, even with life-prolonging measures like surgery. Facing this health issue at an early stage, you can lower the menace of complications and consequentially minimize the impact on your daily life. You will be saving yourself from the pilonidal sinus surgery.

3. Peace of Mind

As you realize that your actions towards living healthier are effective in keeping your worry about health problems at bay, it is likely that your peace of mind will grow and you will be able to reduce stress about the matter. You can have the peace of mind of getting a check done which will lead to either being free of the disease or being able to address the concern earlier before it becomes aggravated. Regardless of your choice, you’ll have a serene feeling knowing that you are proactively managing your wellness. Both ways will make you calm with the knowledge of the fact that you are taking active measures towards your health.

4. Development of Increased Awareness and Education

The primary reason why the general public should concern themselves with pilonidal cyst infection is to facilitate early diagnosis and prevention of this disease. We may prevent others from deferring time-sensitive diagnosis and intervention due to fear by simply asking everyone to get checked out. Therefore, joining the chorus of learning about pilonidal disease would help to overcome the misconceptions and, in turn, encourage dialogue both inside and outside the community regarding this condition.

5. It’s a Slice of Life

Getting a pilonidal disease checked is a simple and non-invasive process that you will undergo. Medical personnel can diagnose the condition by physical evaluation, including the existence of cysts, sinus tracts, or inflammation in the tailbone area. In some cases, imaging tests, including ultrasound and MRI, are ordered to identify a diagnosis or evaluate the spread of the disease. However, you need to go to a good diagnostic center where the experts know how to run the tests correctly. You cannot just assume that you have a pilonidal cyst until you feel that bulge in the tailbone area that causes a lot of pain. 

Whom do you need to consult for Pilonidal cyst detection?

Now, you know how important it is to get checked for a Pilonidal cyst, but now the question is where you can go for the check-up. Yes, you have to find the right doctor for this thing i.e. you must find a good colorectal surgeon who is the right person to consult for this problem. These medical professionals are expert at pilonidal sinus surgery which means that if you need to remove your cyst, a colorectal surgeon can easily do it. You do not have to go to another doctor for the surgery.


Many people may not know much about pilonidal disease, but it is quite a significant matter for people who are suffering from it. With an emphasis on having everybody undergo a checkup for pilonidal disease, we can help both promote early detection and prevent complications, thereby increasing the knowledge as well among people regarding this overlooked condition. Whether you have symptoms or simply want reassurance, taking a check for a pilonidal cyst is an effective option for your well-being and health. You cannot take the risk of avoiding going to a doctor because the infection will keep on increasing until you take the medicine to kill it and remove the cyst.