Seamless Chatbot Customization to Match Your Branding

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and market volatility, there was a need to balance customer servicing with strained budgets. A white-label chatbot like Prime CX can effectively engage your customers while eliminating human resource dependency for repetitive tasks. 

Prime CX is an excellent first point of contact that answers routine questions while routing important conversations to your sales team to increase overall productivity and efficiency. Effortless chatbot customization allows you to match your branding. 

Never lose another customer due to poor customer service. Prime CX reduces average wait times for customers and responds to routine inquiries, books appointments, and transfers qualified leads to a human agent – all with AI-powered intelligence and without codes. 

Get More with Prime CX 

·        Scale Business Operations

Let Prime CX handle routine queries and conversations so your employees can dedicate themselves to important tasks. 

·        Reduce Expenditure 

Handle live customer queries without the need to pay salary, overhead costs, training costs, licensing, and more. 

·        Improve Customer Experience

Prime CX reduces response time with instant answers and 24/7 availability to assist customers promptly. This enhances their overall experience and boosts conversion chances. 

·        Automate Lead Generation

Put your lead generation campaigns on automation with chatbot customization that handles queries and conversations in natural language and transfers qualified leads to human agents.  

Provide 24/7 Support with Precision

Sign up for Prime CX, make chatbot customization, and deploy it on your website to automate customer response, appointment booking, lead generation, and capturing visitor data.  

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