Is Intel i9 13th Gen 13900k worth or not

Intel i9 13th gen

If you are searching for a recent processor to boost your productivity and creativity. Gaming and editing, then the Intel i9 13th gen 13900k is a product for you. This intel core i9 13th generation processor is intelligently designed to perform efficiently and handle multitasking seamlessly. Let’s get into its specifications:


  • Hybrid Core design:

This aids in efficient performance and multitasking; the performance core supplies the power to high-end games and demanding applications.

  • Thermal Velocity Boost technology

This intel technology boosts extra CPU performance by taking the maximum frequency to 5.8 GHz with thermal headroom and turbo power availability.

  • Adaptive Boost Technology

It increases all the turbo frequencies, boosting your gaming experience, efficiency, and overall experience with this processor.

  • Integrated Graphics
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High-quality graphics with rich 3D performance will be supported in either one 7680x 4320 resolution 8k monitor or four 3840x 2160 resolution 4k displays.

  • Intel deep learning boosts the interference of AI in performance improvements.
  • Gaussian and Neural Accelerator 3.0 help in noise cancellation during video chats.
  • PCIe 4.0 & 5.0 help in delivering 20 lanes of total exceptional data in the compatible devices.
  • Intel core thread detector in the CPU core works with the operating system to make sure that every 32 threads are assigned to the correct core at the proper time. 
  • The warranty of this processor withing 3 years.

These are all the specifications of this recent processor i9 13th 13900k, theses specifications will aid you in your decision making while buying the processor.


The Intel i9 13th 13900k is compatible with devices with motherboards with LGA sockets, so while looking for the motherboard to pair up with this processor, ensure these requirements are fulfilled. And ensure that the puzzle pieces of your recent processor fix together perfectly for smooth and efficient performance.

Ensure your motherboard has the correct socket, and you’ll get the perfect powerful gaming or computing experience.


The price of this recent processor varies between RS.44,999.00 and RS. 69,999.00. many factors determine the prices, such as extra features, processors, speed, model, etc.

However, it is highly recommended that you check once or twice whether the model you are buying, the Intel i9 13th 13900k, meets all your requirements.


The i9 13th 13900k is the perfect processor for you to improve the overall performance of your device. This recent processor is built upon the hybrid core architecture, fitting 24 cores and intel 7 processes, all in the single processor, while fitting in the LGA 1700 socket. And it is made with the technology to handle any workload and perform efficiently. So what are waiting for? Buy it ASAP!