How can I boost my IELTS writing scores easily? 

How can I boost my IELTS writing scores easily? 

The IELTS writing module is not only based on your writing skills but on several other factors as well. Candidates often focus on improving their writing skills but don’t focus on some crucial things and in the end, they get disappointed with their scores. Therefore, if you want satisfactory scores in the IELTS writing section, you must follow a fruitful strategy. 

In this article, we have mentioned everything that will help you get the desired band score in the writing section. However, there is one major doubt in the minds of candidates regarding handwriting. Let’s tell you that your handwriting won’t lower your scores until you write everything clearly and understandably. 

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Here is an eminent strategy you can follow to boost your IELTS writing scores: 

  • Understand the question 

The major mistake made by a plethora of students in the writing section is writing the answer without knowing what the question demands. Let us tell you that students often go off-topic when they don’t understand the question first. That’s why they can’t acquire a target band score in this section. So, be patient in the examination hall and observe the question with a calm mind. Make a structure in your mind and follow that structure to give an appropriate answer. It will help you write exactly what the examiner expects. 

  • Pay attention to the word count 

Everybody knows that there is a certain word count in both tasks of the IELTS writing section. For task 1, the word limit is 150, and for task 2, the limit is 250. So, you have to keep a check on it, otherwise, if you write too long or too little, it can lead to lower scores. Some candidates think that they will get extra scores for writing more. Well, it is not true. If you stretch the word limit from 150 to 300 in task 1, you will be left with just a limited time to complete your task 2. There are some chances that you may not be able to complete your task 2 which can highly impact your IELTS writing scores. 

  • Time management is important 

Apart from the word count, you have to keep a check on the time as well. You have to manage your time wisely to complete both tasks perfectly within a time limit. Remember that the weight of Task 2 is more than Task 1 and so is the word count. So, make sure to give more time to attempt task 2 and less time to attempt task 1. Therefore, you can allocate 20 minutes to task 1 and 40 minutes to task 2. In this way, you can easily complete your both tasks in one hour. 

  • Don’t repeat 

Whether it is a repetition of words or sentences, both can lead to lower band scores. So, avoid repetition in the IELTS writing section if you want to score more. Use a variety of words in your writing and make sure to change the writing style as well. The same type of sentence structure in the whole task will make it monotonous. Therefore, learn different writing styles by reading books and novels from different authors. Moreover, enhance your vocabulary to avoid repetition of the words. For example, if there is a need to write ‘important’ many times in your task, you can use ‘crucial’, ‘imperative’, ‘paramount’, and ‘significant’ to show your vocabulary range. This will help you acquire good band scores in the IELTS writing section. 

  • Use formal language 

Being an IELTS test-taker, you must be aware of the restriction of informal language in the IELTS writing exam. Yes, IELTS writing is a completely formal test and the usage of an informal tone or short-handed words can impact your scores. Therefore, practice using a formal tone of language in your daily life so that you won’t make a mistake unintentionally in the exam. Moreover, try to avoid the usage of short-handed words such as ‘don’t’, ‘won’t’, ‘I’ll’, etc while chatting with your friends and make a habit of using complete words. 

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Wrapping Up 

To wrap up, although you have good writing skills and proficiency in English, if you don’t take care of a few things while attempting the writing section, it can lower your scores. So, make sure to consider the pointer mentioned above to boost your IELTS writing scores.