Deep Analysis and comparison of TV advertising marketing and Influencer Marketing

TV advertising marketing
TV advertising marketing

How TV commercial production is Different from the influencer Approach

Target Audience Reach

TV Advert Agency or Marketing: 

Perfect for companies trying to target a wide audience, TV ad production reaches a vast and varied audience over several areas with several community members. TV commercials can be shown at designated times to best reach intended viewers.

Influencer Marketing: 

Through Influencer marketing, you can target specific groups of consumers by leveraging the following of individual influencers. Influencer marketing, As a result, the brand’s message can be more precisely targeted to reach people who are more willing to be interested in the given products or services. Overall, we can reach only a limited amount of people, only those who followed you at the time.

Content Posting and Sharing

TV Ad Marketing: 

Generally unique, interesting, scripted, and created with high-quality images and sounds, TV adverts Usually cover 15 to 60 seconds and are meant to pique interest quickly and provide a brief overview within a limited time frame. This can attract users’ attention and leave a positive impact, not one but it comes on users’ phones many times.

Content Creation by Influencer: 

Influencer marketing frequently uses more creative and natural content, catering to the particular style and audience of the influencer. Complete reviews, lessons, unboxings, and more can all be included here to give a more intimate and relevant touch.

Variations in the Budget – TV Ad Development

TV Commercials Ad Pricing: 

Producing and broadcasting TV commercials may be more expensive than influencer collaboration. Scriptwriting, actor hire, production team, equipment, and post-production editing include costs. Besides depending on the time slot and channel, advertising charges differ; typically going into a huge amount of rupees. So, this is not good for that time, especially for new business.

Hire a TV Commercial Ad Company:

Hiring a TV advertising agency means extra costs for creative development, production, and media purchases. Fees are levied by agencies depending on the magnitude of the campaign and the level of required skill. Television advertising companies can be beneficial when you have big projects, someone is going to sponsor you, and you have a good budget.

Cost-Effective for Startups or Small Businesses: 

Influencer marketing is cheaper for startups and normally speaking, influencer marketing calls for a smaller investment than TV advertising. Startups can deal with micro and mid-tier influencers that are smaller but provide notable reach and interaction. Because their team is small, by using limited equipment,, they finish their work properly. We can say this is cost-effective and good.

Variable Budgeting:

Flexible budgeting allows one to change influencer marketing expenses depending on the type of cooperation, influencer reach, and amount of engagement. To fit their budget, companies can select from a range of content, including sponsored posts, stories, or interesting videos, especially reels.

Evaluating Influencer Marketing and TV Ad Marketing

TV Commercials perks and effects of influencer marketing and TV commercial advertising


High Visibility and Reach: 

TV commercials can reach millions of people, so giving brands great exposure. It can repeated many times on television users.

Being shown on TV gives the brand credibility and reputation.

TV ads use visual and aural components to provide a strong emotional impact.


High Expenses:

TV advertising is less easily available to small businesses given their high production and air time expenses.

TV advertising is one-way communication with little interaction or audience participation.

Measuring ROI Issue: 

Tracking the direct impact and ROI of TV advertising can not be possible since it depends on more general criteria like brand awareness and sales growth.

Influencer Marketing Advantages:

Targeted Reach: 

Influencer advertising lets companies appropriately target particular audience sectors. They can analyze visitors via tools and categories of audiences such as gender, age, location, and interests. This is a big benefit of influencer marketing. 

Higher Engagement: 

Being able to create a good connection between influencers and their followers helps explain better engagement rates.

Content Quality: 

Bloggers/Vbloggers/Influencers create real and exact material that tells them to their target market at low costs, and they can make changes at his/her level easily.


Especially for startups and small businesses, influencer/blogger marketing may be more reasonably priced. To hire this service, you don’t need to give him a full day, it is easy to hire.


Influencer Dependency: 

The credibility and reputation of the influencer determine how well the campaign runs.

Inconsistent Messaging: 

Inconsistent messaging results from different influencers presenting the brand message in different ways, so producing different branding.

Measuring ROI: 

Long-term ROI can be difficult even if influencer marketing provides engagement numbers.

Starting a low-budget marketing campaign with influencer marketing seems reasonable.

Starting with influencer marketing is a strategic and sensible decision for new companies with tighter resources. Compared to conventional TV advertising, influencer marketing offers targeted reach, more interaction, and economy. Working with micro and mid-tier influencers helps companies maximize their marketing return on investment without a significant outlay of funds. Influencer marketing also lets one produce real and relevant material that appeals to contemporary consumers.


In summary, even if both TV commercial advertising and influencer marketing have personal advantages and drawbacks, influencer marketing is a good and affordable choice for startups, particularly those with tighter resources. Using influencers sets the basis for long-term success since it helps create brand recognition, trust, and customer involvement. If you want to know further information regarding branding, please don’t hesitate to visit us at KIS Media Works. We are happy to help you, we are already working with small and big brands.