Aspects of a Highly Successful Magento Web Design

Aspects of a Highly Successful Magento Web Design

Buckle up, this extremely short post is going to guide you through all the main features of a highly successful Magento web design – and the reasons why.

Primer: these are actually not specific to Magento, so if you’re here and your website has been built on some other platform, worry not. You can apply these maxims.

Easy-to-Find Contact Information
This one is critical. Have you ever been browsing a janky looking website and just couldn’t find contact information? Like, forget the lack of a contact page, but there was no phone number, email or physical address listed?

That throws weird vibes and robs both credibility and legitimacy, does it not? Yeah, your website needs them. They should be inserted in either a static header or in the footer – or both.

A Banner That Serves As a Navigation Funnel
Banners are pretty commonplace in eCommerce because they catch your attention just like high-quality social ads “stop the scroll.”

Don’t make yours static – code a sliding banner and make it a link to top-sellers to increase the likelihood of conversions.

CTAs and Urgency Plays
A website that lacks a call to action is a website that isn’t going to convert effectively. Also, urgency plays – which create a sense of softcore panic in the shopper’s mind, are a good move.

Examples include sale countdown timers at the top of the website and notifications that list how many more items are in stock.

Navigable Tiles That Highlight Top Sellers
These should be on your homepage and completely bypass both the search bar and mega menu. You want clickable buttons on your homepage that will directly connect your visitors with the things they came to buy in the first place.

A Properly Organized Mega Menu
A good mega menu that has everything your website sells more or less visibly listed, neatly arranged and nested, and which is easy to use, is a must. For many shoppers, they are far more intuitive than search function, especially if they know what they are looking for but can’t remember what it’s called. Also, mega menus, which passively suggest other categories (like a search bar) can prompt additional conversions.

A Visible Search Bar
Even with the tiles aforementioned and a solid mega menu, your website needs robust search functionality because sometimes it’s too hard for customers to guess where you categorized a product within your sire structure. Searching will get them there faster.

Brand-Aligned Color Scheming
This is just general advice – your homepage design (and your broader design, for what it’s worth) – will perform better if they are brand-aligned with a color scheme that agrees with them. Consider brand colors in the background, linear elements, and text colors.

Original Product Photography or UGC
High-quality product photography is just always going to perform better than stock photography. That’s just the way it goes. If you can’t afford to hire a photographer or creative content producer, let your customers do it for you by soliciting UGC (user-generated content). Yotpo is great for this.

Reviews Visible Somewhere on the Homepage
You also want there to be visible evidence that you have customers and that they are happy. People are much more likely to buy from any website if it seems reputable and since 95% of customers (or more) read reviews, that’s a good place to start. Yotpo is also good for this.

A Fast Load Time
Last but not least, and this is technically a dev item, not design (although it will affect design), is that you need a fast Magento website.

It is imperative that you keep your server infrastructure adequate and up to date to handle updates, patches, customizations, integrations, and of course, big user loads.

It doesn’t matter how well-designed your website is if it doesn’t load.

Working with the Experts in Magento Web Design
If it sounds like any of this will require extensive customizations, the answer is: it might.

That’s why so many eCommerce merchants, especially Magento merchants, work with Magento web design experts to execute these initiatives.

Magento is, for all of its customizability, very difficult to work with. Let’s just leave it at that – and you leave the design and development to the experts themselves.

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