The Ultimate List of Adhesives for Crafting Success

The Ultimate List of Adhesives for Crafting Success

Scrapbooking is a beloved hobby for many, combining creativity with cherished memories. One of the key elements in creating a beautiful scrapbook is using the right adhesive. With a variety of options available, it can be overwhelming for beginners to choose the perfect adhesive for their projects. This guide will help you navigate through the different types of adhesives and provide tips on selecting the best one for your scrapbooking needs.

Understanding Different Types of Adhesives

Double-Sided Tape:

Double-sided tape is a favorite among scrapbookers for its clean, mess-free application and strong bond, making it perfect for adhering photos and flat embellishments. It’s beneficial for creating crisp, professional-looking edges and layering paper elements without any visible glue marks.

Glue pens

Glue pens offer precision and control, ideal for intricate designs and small embellishments like sequins and rhinestones. They allow for precise application, making them perfect for adding delicate touches to your scrapbook pages. However, they may be unsuitable for heavier items or large surfaces due to their limited adhesive strength and coverage area.

PVA glue

PVA glue is a versatile and popular choice in scrapbooking, providing a strong bond and drying clear. It works well with a variety of materials, including paper, fabric, and wood. PVA glue is particularly useful for adhering elements that require a flexible bond, such as paper layers or fabric trims. However, it can be messy to apply and requires drying time, so it’s best used for projects where precision and immediate adhesion are not critical.

Tacky glue

Tacky glue is another excellent option, known for its thick consistency and strong, flexible bond. It’s perfect for adhering heavier embellishments like buttons, fabric flowers, and other bulky items that need a secure hold. Tacky glue’s thicker formula allows for better control during application, preventing excessive spreading and ensuring that the adhesive stays where you want it. However, its longer drying time may require some patience.

Glue sticks

Glue sticks are a convenient and mess-free adhesive option, especially suitable for lightweight materials like paper and thin cardstock. They offer quick drying times and are easy to apply, making them a great choice for beginners or quick projects. However, glue sticks may not provide the strongest bond, especially for heavier or more textured materials, and their adhesive strength may weaken over time.


Choosing the right adhesive is essential for creating beautiful, lasting scrapbooks. By understanding the different types of adhesives and considering the specific needs of your project, you can select the perfect adhesive for your scrapbooking needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced scrapbooker, Tonic Studios offers a range of high-quality adhesives to help you create stunning, professional-looking scrapbooks.